Teach pendant

New Controller with Universal Design. Small size, More floor space, and Saving Energy.

Kawasaki has incorporated more than 45 years of experience as a robot industry leader into the development of the most technically advanced controller available.

Teach Pendant

The E0X controllers are standard for world-wide use and available for multiple primary power supply voltages with a separate transformer unit. Achieve extremely compact design, compared to E2X/3X/4X controllers. The E03 controller, for use on palletizing robots, has an electricity regeneration function that reduces energy consumption.

Area America E01 E02 E03 E04 Option
Japan & Asia
Dimensions (mm) W550 × D580 × H278
Transformer unit : W550 × D580 ×H178
Construction Enclosed structure with indirect cooling system
Controlled Axes (axes)
Option (axes)
(Max 9)
(Max 9)
(Max 6)
(Max 8)
Described in ()
Memory Capacity (MB) 8
I/O Signals External Operation Emergency stop, Hold etc.
Input (Channels) 32 Max 96
Output (Channels) 32 Max 96
Cable Length Robot Harness (m) 5 10,15
Teach Pendant (m) 5 10,15
Mass (kg) 40 40 45 40 Transformer unit : 45
Power Requirements AC200-220V ±10%、50/60Hz、3Φ

Class-D (3rd class) earth connection (earth connection dedicated to robots) , Leakage current: max 100 mA
Installation Environment Ambient
Temperature  (℃)
0 – 45
Humidity (%)
35 – 85 (No dew, nor frost allowed)
Teach Pendant Color TFT teach pendant, Emergency stop switch, Teach lock switch, Enable switch
External Memory USB Memory
External Interface USB, Ethernet (100BASE-TX), RS-232C
Robot Arc Series
R Series
B Series
R Series
CX Series
Z Series
M Series
Palletizing Series M Series
Electricity Regeneration Function

Conventional controller

E03 Controller

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