Company Profile


Prosper Company Limited was established in 2007, beginning with a team of experienced professionals in the robot industry and automatic control systems. And with the network and customer relationships obtained in the service, the company uses industrial robots for production.

The company has expanded the market in terms of working together with Kawasaki, Japan for sales and customer service that is of interest throughout the country.

Business policy

  • Prospercon Co., Ltd.’s main policy is to supply quality and affordable products to its customers. This can help reduce the cost of production of customers.
  • Prospercon Co., Ltd. also provides fast after-sales service. And effective By skilled engineers Where customers can specify their service requirements in the contract according to the suitability and requirements of the customer
  • The company is determined to provide the best. At a reasonable price to customers And fast service By a team with direct experience in a specific line Is the main policy of the company In business And sincerely hope that the company Will be a service provider for you in the next opportunity